Tuesday, 25 September 2012

New Mag!

As I love to showcase what I love on this blog I shall do it again. Though my posts seem to be coming in less frequently these days (Third year of college, thank you very much) but my work shall keep coming in. A few self portraits and I shall be designing a few bottles of vodka will be finding their way here within the next few weeks... oh, and I shall be illustrating a fairly interesting short book.

But I digress.

If you are here it may be because you have an interest in my collages and therefore have a general interest in this punky, DIY style, in retrospect why doesn't everyone? I shall be attempting to be designing an internet magazine purely about collage art, punk literature, poetry, art and design. Basically a madcap  scrapbook based around this fucking cool style.    

Yet I have come across my first hiccup. That being a lack of content. I want, nay, I need others with an interest in creativity within such a counter culture of design and visual communication. If you write or scribble or design or paint or glue within this vague umbrella style please send me an article or piece to be a part of this. Just send me whatever you have done and lets create a virtual dialogue and create something with people of similar Ideals. Just send me a shout (or a scream) through my email  hugh.heffernan@mycit.ie

Another way to add to the pool would be to join and add to this Flickr group  http://www.flickr.com/groups/2058196@N25/

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