Sunday, 22 July 2012

Stickers Stickers, Oh How I Love You Stickers!

I love sticks and sticker bombing. For me it's an essential characteristic of any urban area. Little treasure troves of all different styles hidden among a concrete maze. They add life and individualism within an area that can otherwise be mundane and lifeless. So yeah, I love stickers and I love to make them too.

I did a concept piece for the band Birdthistle, I wasn't asked I just wanted to after I saw one of their gigs last week. I really enjoyed doing it and decided it would be a cool sticker. I liked the idea of promoting local bands in a guerrilla style, so i created three more pieces for other local bands I know and like.

So here they are, I shall be putting these up around Limerick and Cork in the next couple of weeks.... It's not really illegal... It's art, kinda. 
(Oh, and If anyone wants the PDF template of the stickers just throw me an email)

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